Online Converter - Key Features

This service provides an easy way to convert Mobi eBooks into PDF files and also works the other way round converting PDF files to Mobipocket eBooks. More options for the output will be available in brief. The key features:
  Fast Mobi to PDF online conversion
  Searchable PDFs with internal links
  PCR to PDF conversion
  PDF to Mobi conversion
  Custom font and paper size

Fast Mobi to PDF online conversion

The conversion from Mobi to PDF takes place online. Therefore it is not necessary to download any conversion softaware. Usually the process takes less than one minute. However, conversion times vary, depending on server load.

Searchable PDFs with internal links

 The resulting PDF files will be searchable
 The internal link structure of the original Mobipocket eBook is preserved


The file extension ".pcr" is also common for the Mobipocket eBook format. You can use this converter also to convert ".pcr" files to PDF.

PDF to Mobi

We also offer a basic PDF to Mobi conversion here. However, this feature is subjected to various limitations since many PDF files have a structure which is too complex to convert them to the Mobipocket format well. In general files that contain mainly text perform better than files with a lot of graphics. The result quality for this conversion varies from very good to fair.

Custom Font and Paper Size

The font and paper size (eg. A4, A5, Letter...) for your PDF document can be set individually. Furthermore it is possible to define the left and right page margin can be set if desired.